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Stefania & Michele

They predict the universal flood and then in the sky you see sun and some clouds. Fantastic. The location is undoubtedly one of the most versatile. It offers different scenarios for photos and guarantees complete assistance. We always work in harmony with all suppliers but that day I perceived something different. There was a greater harmony, difficult to explain. I believe that the wedding planner is to the suppliers as an orchestra master is to the musicians.
Everything went perfectly, needless to say. Stefania and Michele have also chosen the Photowood to animate the aperitif and the final party. 0 errors and 0 delays is the final verdict when you trust the experts to manage an event.

Thanks Stefania and Michele

  • Wedding Planner

     Un Nastrino a Pois

  • Venue

     Villa Foscarini Cornaro

  • Bridal Dress

    Marialuisa Benetti Sposa

  • Groome attire

    Celana new

  • Flower

     Anneris Flower Farm

  • Mua

     Giorgia Bedin 

  • Hair

     Giorgia Bedin 

  • Music

     Candy and the smooties