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The best way to bring your photos to life is undoubtedly by creating an album. The quality of the materials will allow you to relive the charm of printing.


The first album we offer is the modern photo book, 30×30 cm in size with hard cover coated with a resistant and matte finish.
The photos are arranged in a nice layout and printed directly on photographic paper.
For this album there is a fabric case that can be customized using the bride and groom’s clothes.


Going up in quality we find the fabric album with names engraved on the front, 30×30 cm in size.
The printing method used for this model is the Layflat which allows the opened pages to form an angle of 180°. A rigid leather box is included for this album.
A wide range of colors is available for matching the fabric and the box.


Finally, as the top of the top, we propose the methacrylate album consisting of a front methacrylate panel (the cover photo seems to have been introduced inside a glass), leather binding, Layflat print and leather box.
Unlike the others, it measures 40×30 cm to make the most of the layout of rectangular horizontal photos.